We recently performed a BMW N47 engine rebuild on a BMW 318D with the 2.0 N47D20C. This vehicle was not starting and the engine was seized, the cause was unknown at this point.

This engine can fail in various different ways including timing failure, as seen here, spun conrod bearings and spun main bearings. This vehicle suffered had actually suffered from a severe case of timing chain failure. We started by removing the engine from the vehicle, removing the ancillaries and stripping down the engine.

After the engine was stripped it was clear that the timing chain had snapped. The chain itself had wrapped itself around the fuel pump sprocket. So this was the reason the engine could not be turned.

On top of a snapped chain the engine had suffered from multiple other failures. Broken rocker arms, damaged camshafts and carrier and also broken chain guides and associated timing components.


Here we see the extent of the damaged caused when the 3 series timing chain snapped. All components were removed and damaged parts are disposed of.

Remaining good parts were thoroughly cleaned and inspected to ensure they are up to manufacturer specification. Then the unit is built back up with new components.

Once the engine was built the ancillaries were reattached and the power unit refitted to the vehicle. Now fitted to the vehicle, a new oil filter, oil and coolant are added. Furthermore the vehicle is tested to ensure good operation and reliability.

This is the most common engine failure with the n47 engine platform, however some cases are more severe than others. In other situations we have found a stretched chain which is creating an environment of low oil pressure within the engine. It is common in these cases for the turbocharger to fail as a secondary failure.