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BMW Reconditioned Engine

By Reconworks

A BMW reconditioned engine is needed in some cases where an engine rebuild is not possible due to excessive damage from the failure. From this point a reconditioned engine is created in place of the original engine. This could be overheating, piston detonation and holes in the block etc.

To create a reconditioned engine we use a combination of genuine BMW parts and high quality OEM replacements. So we can ensure a good and reliable build. A reconditioned engine will included a replacement engine block, pistons & rings, connecting rods, crankshaft, bearings, oil jets, complete timing kit, head gasket, rocker cover gasket, balancing shafts, oil pump, front & rear seal, oil filter, oil & coolant


Failure Example

BMW 2.0 Diesel N47

BMW Engine Failure

To create a reconditioned engine as opposed to carrying out a conventional engine rebuild means that the engine failure has been very severe. In this case with the 4 series BMW we have multiple failures stemming from piston detonation. The resulting damage had blown a hole through the cylinder wall in the block, spun multiple conrod and main bearings, destroyed the oil pump, balancing shafts & cylinder head. This also resulted in both turbochargers failing, damaging the timing system and rendering the entire power unit unserviceable. Because of this we created a reconditioned engine from a brand new engine block from BMW with brand new internals and reconditioned turbochargers. Due to the nature of the failure we also flushed the cooling system and all pipes & hoses to make sure all debris/coolant & oil mix was removed.


2015 BMW 425D
2.0D N47D20D twin turbo


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