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BMW Timing Chain Replacement

BMW Timing Chain

Here at Reconworks we can offer competitively priced timing chain replacements for BMW diesels. It is always better and cheaper to replace the timing chain assembly before failure occurs. How long the chain lasts is dependant on many factors including how often it is serviced and how it is driven. You will often notice a rattling noise which will indicate the beginning of chain failure. So we advise to get this changed immediately.

When we carry out a timing chain replacement we change the complete kit: All 3 chains, both tensioners, fuel pump sprocket, all guides, camshaft sprocket, rear seal and rocker cover gasket. As well as cleaning and prepping the sump and timing cover, replacing the coolant, oil and oil filter.

This is an affordable option to keep your car running correctly and prevent engine failure. Engines will fail generally between 60,000 and 120,000 miles so we advise this work to be carried out every 50,000 miles.

Timing Failure

BMW N47 Engine

Working with the BMW N47 diesel engine in various configurations we have found the most common cause of engine failure is due to a problem with the timing chain assembly. This can fail in many ways, as seen here, however primarily the chain will snap causing a plethora of damage.

We see broken rocker arms, bent camshafts, cracked camshaft carrier, bent valves, damaged lifters and aluminium fragments broken off the timing cover found inside including the oil pickup.

The damage varies between each engine depending on how and when the failure occurred, we treat each engine the same with a complete rebuild to ensure reliability and great operation.