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Engine Repair Information

When we are performing a complete engine repair and rebuilding your vehicle we pride ourselves on our ability to inform and deliver. We provide a 1 year warranty on all rebuilds. We also love to keep our customers updated. Providing photos and videos through WhatsApp thus including you in the process. We stand by this method of transparency and good work. This is for us the only way to do the job. 

When we carry out an engine rebuild we are working on the bare engine assembly therefore ancillary components are not included. Furthermore ancillaries which directly affect engine operation i.e. turbochargers are inspected upon removal so you will be informed of any issues immediately. We have a range of trustworthy suppliers so we can source or recondition these components easily. This means quality items for the best price for you. Estimates are given for the cost of rebuilding your bare engine in addition to fitting and parts.

Bare Engine Assembly

Engine Repair Information

An engine rebuild is performed on the bare engine assembly as depicted in the image. So after the engine ancillaries are stripped we are left with the cylinder heads & covers, engine block, sump as well as the oil pump. In addition to all internal components i.e. valves & stem seals, rocker arms, camshafts, gaskets, connecting rods, pistons & rings, crankshaft, oil jets, bearings and so on. Therefore an engine repair from us will cover these components. In addition to a timing kit and other relevant serviceable items. 

This means that parts which are removed from the engine are not associated with the engine repair and are therefore not included. Components such as turbochargers, wiring, alternators, starter motors, EGR valves, filter housings, auxiliary belts as well as compressors and so on will not be included. However we will be happy to assist you so we can rectify the issue. We will usually discover them during the rebuild thus incurring no labour charge if parts need replacing. This of course first being explained and shown so we can ensure your piece of mind.

Engine Surcharges

Engine repair Information

Surcharges are pertinent to every engine rebuild operation. Put simply a surcharge is sometimes chargeable based on the condition of your original engine block. So depending on the severity of the failure we may need to send the original block to our engineer. This could be because it requires line boring/honing, cylinder boring/honing etc. In some instances we may need to replace the engine block entirely.

An example of repair would be crankshaft failure leading to severely spun main bearings. Leading on from this an example of replacement would be a hole in the block or overheating etc. This then of course is technically no longer an “engine rebuild” and is now a reconditioned engine built from a new block.

Counter to this in most cases of timing failure the block does not require work or replacement. (If the vehicle has not been driven excessively with a noisy chain etc.). Every time an engine rebuild is performed here we update you with images so you can see what is happening.



How to care for your engine and avoid unnecessary costs before and after an engine repair or rebuild



A common cause of engine failure is a lack of maintenance. So it is important to check your oil level regularly and service the vehicle at least every 10,000 miles. If an engine fails due to poor lubrication the engine block is expected to be non-repairable. This is because it will usually cause spun bearings and produce at large amount of heat therefore disrupting the tolerances and rendering it useless.

When it comes to serviceable items each part plays a very important role. Therefore making sure components such as the oil filter, air filter, fuel filter and most importantly oil are changed regularly. This will prolong the life of the engine and keep it operating at optimum performance.

Understanding a failure

Another common case in which an engine surcharge can apply is when a vehicle is being driven after a failure has occurred thus causing more damage. If an engine is making a noise it doesn’t normally make this usually indicates a failure so you shouldn’t drive the vehicle. This could be a rattle usually produced by a chain or a more pronounced knocking sound indicating a bottom end failure.

*Driving a vehicle with these sounds can lead to following failures*. An example of this is generally when a failure occurs and an engine is knocking it generates low oil pressure. An upset in this environment has an effect on not just the engine but also components where oil is driven to i.e. turbochargers. Therefore it is common to find failed turbochargers and apply surcharges when audible queues have not been followed because it usually means ultimately the engine will seize causing more damage.

If you are unsure and want to confirm whether or not you should drive the vehicle to our workshop please feel free to contact us so we can offer advice.

The quick fix

Sometimes when performing an engine rebuild we find evidence of attempted repair or “quick fix” solutions. The consequence of this is usually a higher cost because of the damage caused. Every issue an engine has needs to be correctly repaired therefore there is a correct procedure for each type of issue. We have discovered excessive amounts of silicone, radleak and other compounds used to such an extent they have been the real reason for failure. 

We have extensive knowledge and experience working in this sector so if an issue is identified we will ensure the correct repair procedure is carried out.



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