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Reconworks Engine Rebuild

Here at Reconworks we are offering high quality engine rebuild services, therefore your vehicle is treated with the utmost respect and is repaired with incredible attention to detail. Firstly we completely strip and inspect all engines. So once we have identified the problem we take the necessary steps to thoroughly clean good components and replace those that are damaged. Furthermore all components must be up to manufacturer specification if they are to remain, this is because it ensures a reliable repair and our warranty given confidently. In addition to this we are changing standard serviceable parts that correlate with the process of engine repair i.e. gaskets, seals, oil etc. We are commonly working with BMW MINI & Jaguar Land Rover diesel engines thus tending to wide range of vehicles.

bmw n57 bottom end

Specialist Parts

Engine Rebuilds

As you can imagine sourcing parts for prestige vehicles is no easy task. However we have a number of suppliers who make this task an easy reality for us. The parts we use on engine rebuilds are a combination of OE and OEM so if parts are not original they are simply not branded as such. Therefore this means that we can source some items directly from the manufacturer who supplies to the brand. There are no shortcuts when performing any repair work and especially so with an engine rebuild so only the best will do! All the parts we stock are kept in-house so unfortunately we will not sell parts to the public because of their importance, they are kept for work on our customer’s vehicles only at our workshop.

bmw n57d30 3.0d rebuild


Example Engines

We can accommodate most modern vehicles for an engine rebuild however we specialise in Land Rover Jaguar, MINI & BMW engine rebuilds.


BMW 2.0 N47 Engine Rebuild

The BMW & MINI N47 diesel platform is our most common platform here at Reconworks. In most cases the vehicles we have in suffer from timing failure. We have seen varying degrees of damage and following failures as a result of this (see more). With all BMW engine rebuilds we install a plethora of new parts. This includes a complete timing kit, valves, springs, rocker arms, lifters, valve stem seals, engine bearings, head gasket, seals & o rings, cam carrier and cams. All internal engine components are covered, therefore if an item is damaged or not up to standard it is replaced. We take pride in our work and offer a 1 year parts and labour warranty with all engine rebuilds.

bmw engine rebuild

BMW 1.6/2.0 Diesel n47

4 series bmw engine rebuild

The BMW N47 engine platform was introduced in 2007 as the replacement for the M47 units. This platform was used up until 2014 so we find it in a large number of vehicles. The BMW 1 Series 116d 118d 120d, BMW 3 Series 318d 320d, BMW 5 Series 520d, BMW X1 20d in addition to the BMW X3 20d. This is most commonly single turbocharged, however there are also twin & tri turbo variants. The BMW N47 is our most common engine rebuild here so we have everything we need to efficiently carry out the repair accordingly.


bmw x5 engine rebuild

The BMW N57 3.0 diesel engine was launched in 2008 as the replacement for the M57 platform. This is used in multiple configurations up until 2015 where it was replaced by the B57. We find this in the BMW 3 Series 325d 330d 335d, BMW 5 Series 525d 530d 535d, BMW 6 Series 640d, BMW 7 Series 730d 730Ld, BMW X3 xDrive30d, BMW X5 xDrive30d xDrive35d, BMW X6 xDrive30d and also the xDrive40d. This is common unit here at Reconworks so we are holding stock and are prepared to carry out and engine rebuild effectively.

MINI 1.6/2.0 DIESEL N47

mini engine rebuild

The MINI N47 engine platforms share many components with their BMW counterparts. However they differ in a few ways making them notably different. One of these differences is the block itself in addition to conrods. These units are fitted to the MINI Countryman Cooper SD, MINI Paceman Cooper SD, MINI Coupe Cooper SD, MINI Cabrio Cooper SD, MINI Cooper SD, MINI Roadster Cooper SD and finally the Cooper D. The 2.0 variant of this unit differs again and has more unique parts however we are equipped and ready.

land rover engine rebuild

Land Rover 2.7 TDV6 276DT

Introduced in 2004 the Land Rover 2.7 TDV6 or “Lion V6” is used in the Discovery 3, Range Rover Sport and Jaguar XF. Most commonly known to fail due to the design of the crankshaft or the tensioner mounting point on the oil pump. Once rectified with an upgraded oil pump and a full rebuild the 2.7 TDV6 engine is generally reliable. When reconditioning this unit we always use a new OE crankshaft, timing kit, oil pump, head gaskets, o rings and seals. Other common parts to replace are conrods, pistons, valves & stem seals, rocker arms and lifters.

Land Rover 3.0 TDV6 306DT

The 2.7 TDV6 had its last year in 2009 and so was replaced with the 3.0 TDV6. This is fitted to many vehicles including the Discovery 4, Range Rover Sport, Jaguar XF & XJ. Even through facelifts and model changes the 3.0 TDV6 is being used only until recently. The platform had some minor changes throughout the years and was updated to the 306DTA. This unit differs from the 306DT by using a different engine block. In addition to this later models using different turbochargers. We are stocked and correctly prepared for all 3.0 TDV6 engine rebuilds.

Land Rover 2.0 Ingenium

The Land Rover 2.0 Ingenium diesel engine was introduced in 2015. Fitted to the Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque. Other variants are fitted to the Jaguar XF, XE and F-Pace however they differ slightly and suffer from unique failures. In addition to this the twin turbo variant 204DTA fitted to the Discovery 5 and some Jaguar vehicles has even more changes including a larger crankshaft. We are well equipped to carry out engine rebuilds on the 204DTD variant used in the Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque. For other vehicles please enquire.


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