A customer is bound to and agrees to the following terms and conditions by accepting an estimate and/or their vehicle is having or has work completed by Thomas Austin T/A Reconworks.

A Vehicle Requirements and Procedures

A.a Ancillary Components: Our engine rebuilds and reconditioned engines apply only to work carried out on the “bare engine assembly” (what is a bare engine?). A vehicle may have issues with ancillary components that Reconworks are not obligated to resolve. If an ancillary component poses a threat to the operation of the engine since repaired then you will be provided with a solution and a cost to repair the issue, if the vehicle is still with us, in order to keep the provided warranty valid and only if the repair is deemed acceptable by Reconworks to carry out.

If a vehicle arrives with issues not relating to the bare engine assembly these issues are the customer’s responsibility and Reconworks will not accept any liability for these issues. A diagnostic scan and visual assessment will be completed on the vehicle prior to repair work being started where possible.

Fuel Injectors: If during a repair we find incorrectly operating fuel injectors e.g. over-fuelling, the affected injectors will be replaced as part of the repair at a cost to the customer. Fuel injectors are an ancillary component and it is the customer’s responsibility to monitor and maintain them. After repair if a vehicle is returned to us under warranty and fuel injectors are found to be the cause of failure e.g. over-fuelling, the customer will be charged the relevant labour charge for the disassembly of their vehicle. Work will continue after a cost of repair has been agreed after initial inspection. If the customer does not agree they will also be charged the relevant labour charge for the reassembly of their vehicle for which they will then need to collect within 7 days. The payments and collections policy will apply. Relevant proof of damage for refence can be found in this blog post.

A.b Locking Wheel Nuts: A locking wheel nut key must be provided with the vehicle in order to carry out an engine rebuild or reconditioned engine.

A.c Modifications: Any modifications to the vehicle found during repair that may cause a negative impact on the engine will void the provided warranty. Reconworks is not liable for any damage that may be caused in the removal of any non original parts/items fitted to the vehicle in order to carry out the repair procedure effectively. Modifications must be removed by the customer with sufficient evidence sent to sales@dieselheads.co.uk in order to retain the warranty on engine rebuild/reconditioning work carried out.

A.d Cleanliness: Any vehicle sent to our workshop must be clean to an acceptable standard. If a vehicle arrives with mould, excessive amounts of mud or other unsanitary substances or items, a fee will be applied to carry out necessary cleaning to the vehicle and/or workshop in order to safely carry out an engine rebuild, repairs and testing.

A.e Remaps If a vehicle is found to be remapped Reconworks has the right to reject or return the vehicle at the customer’s expense. If an agreement is made with the customer and work is completed on a remapped vehicle there will be no warranty provided. If a vehicle is returned to us which has been remapped after the initial repair with Reconworks all warranties given associated with that repair are void and the customer will be charged the relevant costs.

A.f Vehicle Security Systems: A vehicle brought to our workshop must be provided with all necessary keys & remotes required to access the vehicle in it’s entirety. This includes alarm systems, steering locks etc.

B Quotes

B.a Quotes sent to a customer by Reconworks are estimates for an engine rebuild/repair work to be carried out on the customer’s vehicle based on the information provided in the “get a quote” form on our website. The extent of damage cannot be accurately determined from this therefore an inspection of the vehicle and engine internals are carried out when the repair work begins. If further damage is discovered the customer will be required to pay the “engine surcharge” depicted in the quote sent to them and/or any charge for ancillary or other components that require replacement in addition to a labour charge if applicable.

B.b Timescales given to a customer through any form of communication are estimated and are subject to change. The customer will be informed of any unforeseen changes in timescale where possible.

B.c Initial quotes are sent to customers based on the cost for an engine rebuild or reconditioned engine. This applies to the “bare engine assembly” only.

C Personal Belongings

C.a Belongings: It is the customer’s responsibility to remove personal belongings from the vehicle prior to it arriving at our workshop. Reconworks will not accept any liability in the event of loss or damages to personal belongings.

D Deposits

D.a A deposit is required from the customer before vehicle recovery can be booked. A deposit will secure a booking for the customer and an estimated slot in which vehicle recovery can commence and the vehicle delivered to our workshop.

D.b Once a deposit has been made it is non-refundable. Reconworks are not liable to return this if the customer enforces termination.

E Insurance

E.a The customer is required to have a valid insurance policy on the vehicle booked for repair and must be valid for duration the vehicle is in our possession. Reconworks will not be liable for any incident of loss, theft or damages, this must be claimed for by the customer through the customer’s own insurance.

F Testing

F.a Road Tests: Once the repair work on the vehicle has been completed we are required to take the vehicle on the road for testing, the customer gives us full authorization and permission to do so. A road test is an estimated 100 miles for which fuel is chargeable to the customer. We will report any unforeseen findings and unrelated issues to the customer in the form of a “faults & findings” report.

F.b Issues found during a road test that do not relate to engine work carried out are the customer’s responsibility. If an acceptable repair can be offered to the customer a quote and timescale will be provided.

G Payments and Collection

G.a Final Payments: The final payment for any work carried out is due upon work completion after an invoice has been sent to the customer. Payments can be made by BACS (bank transfer) or cash on collection, the maximum waiting period for this payment is 7 days from when the invoice was sent to the customer.

G.b Collection and Storage: The maximum a vehicle can be stored for free of charge at our premises is 7 days, after this time a storage charge of £30 plus VAT will be applied per day until the vehicle has been collected. After 30 days Reconworks may sell or scrap the customer’s vehicle in order to recover losses incurred or other balances due to Reconworks under the Torts (Interference Of Goods) Act 1977, without affecting any statutory rights towards law suits claiming any outstanding balances and fees incurred.

H Servicing

H.a After work has been completed the customer must have the vehicle serviced based on the information provided to them in the warranty document. In the event of a claim, proof of this service must be provided in the form of a receipt or invoice if the vehicle has exceeded the mileage stated on the warranty document.

I Vehicle Recovery

I.a The customer is provided with our vehicle recovery partner’s information so they have the ability to organise the collection of their vehicle themselves. By using our partner for vehicle recovery services the customer is entering into a contract with them, our partner will also have their own terms & conditions for which it is the customer’s responsibility to view.

If the customer is not able to arrange the transportation of the vehicle themselves they can contact sales@reconworks.co.uk for assistance.

J Parts

J.a Parts and components used during the work on your vehicle are used based on our knowledge and expertise. Some parts are brand new and others used or reconditioned.

K Termination

K.a If a customer instructs us to stop all and any work on their vehicle immediately whilst it is with us they are be liable to pay any costs accrued from when the vehicle arrived at our workshop. Costs include parts, labour and storage, an invoice for which will be sent to the customer by email after receiving a form of written confirmation of their action to begin the termination of agreement.

After confirmation is received the vehicle will be partly reassembled (if stripped) in order to remove it from inside our workshop. The rest of the vehicle’s components will be stored inside the vehicle and the payment and collections policy will apply.